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Quick review of GeoWars 2, same thing I posted to my blog.

The Good:
+ Same GeoWars action you've come to know and love
+ Different modes
+ Achievements seem a lot easier (but just as frustrating) to get compared to the first

The Bad:
- No online co-op, hopefully this'll be patched in.
- Most modes get boring after a bit.
- Some of the achievements seem based on luck (I'm looking at you treaty) than actual skill.
? Why is it called "Retro Evolved" when there is no "Retro?"

The Ugly:
:( Graphics. Why is it so colorful? I'd prefer an option to change the grid color and have the same graphics of GeoWars1. :/

Worth a buy?

If you love GeoWars, yes. If you haven't played the games before, I'd suggest playing the demo(s) of 1/2 and seeing for yourself. 1 is still relevant for 200gs and retro mode, but it's been replaced by Retro Evolved 2 for Evolve and other modes.


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