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Finally Geometry Wars feels like a complete game...

I was a big fan of the first release of Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved on XBLM but after a while the game could become repetitive.

Well forget about that for a second, this new version of Geo Wars is all about variety. Without going outside of the concepts that define these games, Bizarre Creations have pretty much milked all posibilities out of it (in a good way). Instead of having achievements that force you to play differently, you get actual different modes. 6 in all, all unlock after playing enough with the previous one. A smart move since at the first try a mode or two might seem week but the unlocking mechanism forces you to play somewhere between 4 and 6 times a specific mode. This gives you enough playtime with it to find out what is fun about it...

The graphics are so colorful, bright and intense that you feel like your eyeballs are melting. This actulally makes the previous game in the series look dull !
The achievements are good and diverse and the progress indicators for these achievements are more than welcome.
No online multiplayer might be a bummer but I guess they tried it and it didnt work out so it doesnt matter. Local multiplayer is awesome. This is a great game for quick action and no freaking loading screens.

At 10$ (800 Space Bucks), this game is almost a steal. It renders Geo Wars 1 completely obsolete. This is a must buy for fans of this type of game and a must try for everybody else.

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