demodocus's Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 (Xbox 360 Games Store) review

Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2--Review

I usually don't do Xbox Live Arcade reviews, but I cannot go without praising this great game.

Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved was the first arcade game i purchased over 2 years ago. It's still one of my favorite games today. Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 is the perfect sequel. It takes everything that was great about the first game and adds more game modes and a harder difficulty.  There's not much to say other than this is a MUST HAVE if you own a Xbox 360. This game is worth much more than the 800 point ($10) price point. Which is something that cant be said about most XBL Arcade games. This is a simple review, GO BUY IT!   NOW!!  Trust me, you wont be disappointed.


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    Back in 2005, Geometry Wars was one of the leading Xbox Live Arcade titles, and it went a long way to justify that Digitally Distributed games could work in a console environment. Since then there have been numerous imitating Dual-Joystick shooters available on XBLA, so it speaks volumes to say that the release of Geometry Wars : Retro Evolved 2 completely surpasses all the other downloadable shooters that have come out previously.   What makes Retro Evolved 2 so outstanding is its ability to de...

    7 out of 7 found this review helpful.

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