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Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 1

There are not many who lament the loss of the arcade space-shooter. With the great advances in visual technology over the years, it seems a strange choice for a developer to step back a couple of decades and hearken back to a simpler time. But that is exactly the premise behind Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved, as the popular Xbox Live Arcade game makes the transition to the PC.As expected Geometry Wars' graphics are nothing to write home about. The style is reminiscent of retro games, but it has be...

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The same game as the Xbox 360, except its missing a lot! 0

This game is almost the same as the Xbox 360 game. Same plot, same graphics just missing some things here and there and the controls are really awkward and makes the game harder than it is. Luckily there is a feature for you to put your Xbox 360 controller in your computer and play the game with that, which is good, but you dont want to go and plug it out each time and so on and so forth. The PC requirements are really high, when you look at the graphics, even though the graphics are good but s...

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Geometry Wars is a game that was made for addicts.....Geometry Wars is a game that is to fast for my eyesGeometry Wars is a game that  lasts foreverGeometry Wars is a game that cost me 800 Microsoft points Geometry Wars is a game that is the same as its demoGeometry Wars is a game that does not follow geometric rulesGeometry Wars is a game that has no strategic valueGeometry Wars is a game that has no leader boardsGeometry Wars is a game that is powered by fan boysGeometry Wars is a game that ha...

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A Simple Cheap Fun Fix 0

Geometry Wars Retro Evolve is a dual stick shooter. You use the left stick to stear and the right stick to shoot. To describe this game to someone who has never heard of it nor have they played it is pretty simple, though they may not believe you. You are a shape that shoots bullets at other shapes. That simple. For them to truly appreciate it they need to play it. GWRE is addicting as crap. Each game starts of slow but once you have played for a second the action really intensifies. You have hu...

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Its Retro Evolved People! 0

Despite its status as a launch title for the Xbox 360 on the Xbox Live Arcade of all places, Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved may just be the greatest XBLA game ever made. Actually scrap that; it is the greatest XBLA game ever made and even after years of trying no game has surpassed it and taken its place on top of that mountain.Everything about Geometry Wars fits and works together to create perhaps the purest shooter experience ever created. You have one mode and a leaderboard in which you earn y...

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Solid arcade fun. 0

GEOMETRY WARS: RETRO EVOLVED Originally seen in Project Gotham Racing 2, Geometry Wars is a game that has seen it form quite some reputation and good reviews over the past few years. So it seemed almost unthinkable that Geometry Wars wouldn’t take advantage of Microsoft’s brand new Xbox Live Arcade: a host of classic and modern arcade games, usually ranging from $5 to $15… and it didn’t. To many fans delight, Geometry Wars wasn’t only coming back but it was bringing someone with it, it’s younger...

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Incredibly Addicting 0

To get straight to the point, Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved is flat out fun. You control your ship with the left analog stick while shooting in many directions with the right analog stick. This simple control scheme works amazingly well when getting mobbed by a screen full of baddies, but when the going gets tough, just hit one of the left or right trigger buttons to unleash a bomb that clears the screen to ensure a second of safety. The game does a good job of keeping a steady frame rate when al...

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Frantic and addicting 0

Geometry Wars involves steering your ship around different varieties of shapes all want to hunt you down. And by steering I of course mean shooting in the face.Quite compact, GW features only one mode, and with very few options. The game starts out easy, with only small waves of few shapes chasing you at first, but it picks up quickly. Eventually you'll be getting swarms of fast, dodging enemies coming at you, pushing your survival skills to the limit. The game isn't technically deep, but the br...

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The very definition of an Arcade game 0

Explaining Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved is rather simple. A 2-D, overhead view, space shooter where your ship and your enemies are geometrical shape. Each type (shape) of enemy has a specific pattern and the game becomes increasingly difficult as more and more enemies appear. Your weapons consist of an assortment of (random) projectiles and also bombs, which happen to clear the whole screen but have the disadvantage of  robbing you of the points you would have scored if you shot down those enem...

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Simple but More Addicting Than Meth 0

And Meth is a hell of a drug.    This game has no story or characters it's just a great simple dual joy stick shooter, with bright lights, pretty colors, cool art design, and kickass sound. Though I bought it you might consider just sticking with the demo as the retro mode is ok but the evolved is more fun I think. This game is however definitely worth a measly five bucks, you will sit there glued to your TV playing it for hours on end it is so fun.ALL GEOMETRY MUST DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

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Addicting 1

Geometry Wars is an extremely fun and addicting arcade game.  This game rejuvenated the dual joy stick shooter genre with it's great colors, gameplay, and sound.  The Leaderboard integration is good for comparing your highscores with your friends and other players. The only flaw worth noting is when enemies spawning right on your spot, even if you're moving. I highly recommend this game to anyone that has a PC or Xbox 360 and loves dual joy stick shooters....

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With this game pre-loaded onto memory cards. There is absolotuly 0

More than a year after launch, Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved is still one of the best XBLA games out there. The game is incredibly simple, you fly around a little space ship and kill anything else that moves. You use the left analog stick to move your spacecraft, and the right analog to shoot in any direction. You have 3 primary weapons which change depending on your score. You have a default slow-firing lazer which I personally call the "pea shooter," simply because it's so weak. Once you score ...

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This game will overwhelm you with relentless action. 0

I first had contact with this game when I bought my Xbox 360 in the beginning of 2009, I used my one month free gold subscription to play online, and with that I could download some demos, one of these demos was Geometry Wars, I was blown away instantly.This game is simple, very simple, the goal is to shoot things up while not getting hit by them. Sounds easy on paper, but the actual game proves to be much of a challenge, just like how games used to be when steep difficulty was the only feature ...

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The Greatest Game to Play Before Playing a Real Game. 0

    This highly addictive yet linear arcade shooter is the perfect game to play before getting your real game on. I like to play this right before i pop in COD4, just to try to get a higher high score. As extremely addictive as this game is, it might get boring after a while, but over all, it never gets old. Surviving some of the games extremely hectic moments is an awesome feeling, and getting a score higher than your friends is even more satisfying than normal. It's only 400 points on the mark...

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