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George St. Pierre is a mixed martial arts fighter and the current UFC welterweight champion. George started training martial arts at a young age and has evolved his game to world class level. St Pierre won his first welterweight title by defeating Matt Hughes via 2nd round TKO. George lost the title in shocking fashion to an under-dog, but rebounded with 3 big wins to take back the title from the man who beat him. George was born in Montreal and currently trains with Greg Jackson in New Mexico. George is set to star as a play-able character in the upcoming video game "UFC 2009 : Undisputed"

UFC 87 : Seek And Destroy

St. Pierre throws a high kick at Fitch

On August 9th 2008, St Pierre and Jon Fitch fought inside the octagon. After winning over 10 fights in a row and having not lost a fight in a couple of years, Jon Fitch had finally received the title shot he had been chasing for so long. Questions still remained about St. Pierres willingness to stand on the feet and trade punches, and John Fitch pre-fight even made notes about how he believed George wouldn't want to stand with him. As the first bell to start the fight began, a double leg take down from St. Pierre had Fitch on his back. Many believed this was going to be the entire story of this fight, but eventually after taking a bit of punishment on the ground, Fitch made it back up to his feet. It soon was clear that not only was St. Pierre not afraid to stand, but Fitch had drasticly under-rated the Canadians stand up skills. George battered Fitch on the feet before dropping him with a powerful right hand. Everytime George allowed the fight to be on the feet, Fitch was taking serious punishment and continued to be rocked with punches and knee's. A noticeably damaged Fitch went to his corner after a clear 10-8 first round. The second round wasn't as punishing for Fitch, but St. Pierre imposed his will with take-downs and striking. By the end of the third round (another 10-8 for St. Pierre) most people wouldn't believe a man could still continue after taking that severe of a beating in the first three rounds, but Fitch pushed through. Allthough the last two rounds were more of the same, Fitch showed himself to be a extremely tough fighter, and St. Pierre moved closer and closer to proving the theory that he is infact, super-human. The obviouse desicion went to St. Pierre and he completed his first title defense ever.

Fitch is rocked by a right hand
Right after the fight was over and GSP had proved that he deserves to be the champion at 170 pounds, a new challenger appears. B.J penn made his way into the octagon and challenged St. Pierre to a fight for his title at 170. GSP responded with "Yes, of course I want to do that" the fight in rumored for this december possibly for a card on new years.
Althought Fitch wasn't able to deal with the speed and strength, he was complimentory of St. Pierre after the fight, and George was respectful of Fitch's durability. St. Pierre joked about how he thought he was going to able to finish Fitch in the first round, but Fitch is un-finishable.

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