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Gerhalt is a beastman who hails from the town of Polca. Gerhalt is something of an aberration as beastmen are generally seen as dangerous and so spend most of their time far from civilization. Prior to the Shining Force's introduction to Gerhalt, the only other beastman seen by the group was being locked up in a pet shop in the town of Granseal. When the force returns to the town of Polca, the residents are hiding in their homes and the town is occupied by a devil army sent by Zeon to capture a blind boy named Oddler. Gerhalt is the only member of the town willing to fight and so joins Bowie and the force in their defense of the young man.

Character Strengths and Weaknesses

Gerhalt is a great melee fighter who uses his powerful hands in combat. Gerhalt's main drawback is his limited range and so to become truly useful, the player has to invest one of the precious few movement enhancing items found in the game on him. He becomes a full-fledged werewolf upon promotion to Wolf Baron, and while his promotion grants him more power, his movement range remains the same. Gerhalt's strong attack power is a great advantage to the force in the early portions of the game, but he begins to fall behind other members during later battles and his relatively weak health makes him a fragile frontline fighter.


Pre-Promotion: Wolfman (WFMN)

Post-Promotion:Wolf Baron (WFBR)

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