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Serving as an information hub for the player, the GFS Valhalla starts as a plot device regarding a Pirate attack prior to the games story. Heavily damaged, the player must move through the ship while powering up doors and devices using power cells from the game world. Various logs give details on the locations of other Power cells, bodies can be scanned for additional log data. Phazon Metroids and other Phazon entities inhabit the ruined ship, watch out for the Phazings, a little nod towards Prime 2: Echoes. The goal onboard the ship is to make your way to an abondened Pirate terminal, this will help the player find a set of appropriate acess codes to help them gain access to the final level. When entering the chamber containing the terminal make sure you scan the Marines computer console to the left hand side of the room, it contains a code for the touch pad near the entrance giving you another Easter egg with 313.

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