Has anyone played this? And if so...

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What's your take?  Personally, the tutorial got me totally excited what with all the moves you can pull off.  But actual gameplay was a bit of a let down.  Oh well, $8.99 isn't that bad a price when I'm already a huge GitS:SAC fan.

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Uhh yeah. The game is for fans of the series for sure. It's pretty much the best they've done with the GitS series but as a general game it's "meh". I still love it tho, cuz I too am a gits nut.

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I didn't even know there was a game for this.

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DarkLegend said:
"I didn't even know there was a game for this."
Yeah. There's three Ghost in the Shell games actually. The first was on the PS1 and based loosely off of the manga/first movie. The second this PS2 game based off of the TV series and the third a PSP title also based off of the TV series.
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I'm a huge Ghost in the Shell fan, both of the series and of the movies and manga.  I really want to check out this game, but I just hope it isn't a total let down or completely impossible to play or anything.

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No, not impossible.  Just a little bland, I thought.  Kinda "go here, do that, repeat."

So while we're on the topic.  Which season of the show do you all prefer?  Personally I enjoyed 1 much better, but 2 had some excellent scenes in it as well.

I'm excited that Spielburg has picked up the film rights for this, but as usual, I'll be let down again when they Americanize it and don't set it in Tokyo or make the people Japanese.  haha

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Bought this fairly cheap yesterday. Enjoying it so far, with some caveats. It's nice with enemies that go down fairly quickly, and the plot seems cool. Hate Batou's ponytail

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