I just saw this game in an arcade

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having played this game for hours that just blew my mind, somehow the arcades graphics looked better than the wii's but this could just be because the screen of the arcade is huge, i'll take some pictures next time i go there for the wiki. i'll just need to tell those annoying kids to fuck off and grant me some time with the soul edge arcade that was next to it

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I play this game every time at a arcade it is so much friends and the guns on it looks tight.

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All arcades graphics look superior which is weird. Outrun looks far superior. Maybe beacuse its one machine built specifically to play one game.

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HoNgKoNgPh0oEy said:
"I play this game every time at a arcade it is so much friends and the guns on it looks tight."
i agree on the gun, i only saw the machine for a couple of seconds actually but i recall the guns
i was working so couldn't stroll around

edit: thats weird the arcade i saw was totally different from this one http://www.ngcfrance.com/images/news/ghost_squad_arcade.jpg
the one i saw had a blue and a red gun
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@Endogene: seems that frame is for Asian market only.
saw that a couple times when I visit Taiwan and back in Hong Kong, and you can actually mount optics on the rails of those guns(weather the game allows you to calibrate the gun for the optics or not is another story though), pretty neat.

oh and, sega is making a sequal to this game :D
called operation GHOST

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