Anyone else feel emotionally attached to this game and its chars?

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Very few games have made me continually think about the game after I have played it. The only problem for me is the re playability, I just wish that you could play the game and things could slightly pan out differently now that you know what's going on.
First thing that comes to mind has to be Missile and his incredible enthusiasm and the idea of missile waiting 10 years to try and save his owner is so like the Japanese to show that 'other worldly' bond between master and dog - hachiko comes to mind.  Absolutely great story and plot, if a little confusing at times especially with alternative missile being available but definitely has made me pick up my DS again.

Anyone else feel the same way?
And is there any games similar to this on the PSP? On the DS I saw some personal suggestions like 999, ace attorney and professor Layton but obviously like most people - I wouldn't mind some greater graphics at times too.

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