Inspector Cabanela looks exactly like Jeff Green.

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Okay, they're not twins or anything, but every time Cabanela would show up, I would always think of Jeff Green.

It's the hair.

#2 Posted by Nottle (1916 posts) -

A little less chin and quiff and I'd say thats pretty much Jeff green doen in Ghost Tricks style.

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I gotta say, if you were going to draw Jeff Green as a video game character, that's how you'd do it.

#5 Posted by Gaff (1969 posts) -

But does the Inspector have a prehensile chin? Or can he stick pencils in every orifice of his face?

#6 Posted by StarvingGamer (8704 posts) -

Haha, weird.

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Apart from the nose, separated at birth.

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Edit: Crap, my gifs never work! Click it to see him making his entrance.

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@Coafi said:

It's almost like the mocapped Jeff Green himself.

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