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 Hey guys, I'm at the part where you're trying to prevent the death of the "park guardian" via a combination of Sissel's ghost tricks and Missile's swapping power, and for the life of me I can't figure out what to do. I feel like I'm missing something very basic. It seems the only meaningful objects I can manipulate are:
Globe spinner (buys me time to manipulate other objects after he jumps onto it)

Baseball/basketball/tire (It seems the only purpose to swapping these is to determine which one ends up on the see-saw, but none of them actually hit the rugby ball down from the tree. Baseball flies too high, basketball and tire fly too low).
Umbrella (simply falls onto the branch below, and doesn't interact with anything beyond that...)
Tricking the see-saw seems useful only insofar as getting Sissel to the other side of it...after it tilts up, it immediately tilts back down. 
Like I said, I feel like I'm missing something basic...if you guys feel like you could point me in the right direction without explicitly spelling out the solution, that would be great. Of course, it's always hard to be deliberately vague, so I understand if that's infeasible.
Edit - See 5th post.

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You know what sport I really don't get? Rugby.

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The umbrella=/=net. That might be too deliberate but i tried :/

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It may be the order you're doing them in.

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Huzzah, got it. I was being dumb and failing to realize you could re-open the umbrella after dropping it to a lower branch. After that, umbrella catches basketball, swap with tire, etc. etc. Thanks guys!

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