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Dead men do tell tales 12

It's hard to quantify what makes a game like Ghost Trick so endearing. Much like the Ace Attorney series before it, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective just has a kind of immeasurable charm that is difficult to accurately express through language alone. Perhaps it speaks solely to the strength of the writing, but if one thing is for certain it is that Shu Takumi has delivered once again on the concept of an enthralling virtual narrative.    It's hard to talk about Ghost Trick and not at least pay men...

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How To Outdo An Attorney 0

  Ghost Trick uses the actual scenery in its cutscenes, to great effect. Ghost Trick's deviation from Shu Takumi's previous work, the Ace Attorney series, is immediate; rather than clicking around in still environments looking for the detail that you missed, you're actively engaged in solving the puzzle, directly moving your character.. As Sissel, a ghost who recently lost its body, you can move your flame avatar between objects, performing the titular “Ghost Trick,” manipulating objects in the ...

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This Trick is One Hell of a Treat 0

Having owned a DS lite for almost 5 years now, I feel like I went to Ghost Trick under jaded ideals. I haven't played the Phoenix Wright games, I do not have a burning relation with Miles Edgeworth and the only thing I can tell you about Mia Fey is that she looks damn good in a suit. It was only on a whim that I found any interest in Capcom's latest quirky detective game, having chosen to pass over the Wright series much in the same way I passed over the Trauma ___ series. After all, games that ...

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Unique take on the point-and-click adventure formula 0

Capcom gets its fair share of criticism for milking its franchises to death, so when it takes a chance on something different it’s usually worth a look. Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective certainly qualifies: it’s a totally original IP that puts a unique spin on the adventure genre, which has sorely needed some innovative ideas.The player takes on the role of a ghost who’s spirit can interact with nearby objects, like a poltergeist playing tricks on unsuspecting victims. You’ll have to use whatever ...

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Cartoony Noir 0

+ Inventive and highly original interface. + Amazing story with more interwoven plots than a Nolan film. Most of the characters are extremely detailed even some of the throw aways. You will become invested.+ Slick animation and clean cartoon effect. + Clever puzzles that are the right combination of experimentation and logic.  - Limited replay value; Puzzles only have a single solution so replaying the story doesn't offer much apart from experiencing the magic a second time. - Some of the puzzle...

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Trial by error 0

I really liked Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney back in 2005, and was pretty excited to see what that same team could do with Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. The result is a pair of games that are similar in more ways than they’re not, and you’ll probably enjoy one if you enjoy the other. That being said, Ghost Trick didn’t grab me quite as much as I had hoped. It’s a fun experience overall, but a few frustrating design choices left me wanting. Phoenix Wright’s biggest strengths were its sh...

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Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Review 0

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is a DS game in which you play the spirit of a dead individual who has the ability to manipulate inanimate objects around you. You will quickly meet Ray, a desk lamp, well a spirit like you who is fascinated with inhabiting a lamp. You only have until sunrise to figure out why you were killed, who killed you, and answer the most important question of all, who are you.Graphically you're going to get to experience a comic book type style. You'll see that some charact...

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Ghost Trick is a real treat 0

Ghost Trick is one of those few games that tries something completely new, with spectacular results. In it, you play as the recently deceased Sissel. Unable to remember anything, Sissel's spirit embarks on a quest to find out who he was. He has to hurry though, because soon after death he is informed that come sunrise, his spirit will dissappear. To make things worse, people are dying left and right that night, and most of them are people that Sissel needs alive. Thankfully, in this game, deat...

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A bizarre, entrancing adventure you don't want to miss! 0

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is a unique adventure/puzzle game from the makers of the Ace Attorney series of games I've always had a certain fondness for. Like the Ace Attorney games, Ghost Trick is filled with colorful, crazy characters, great humor and writing, and only the faintest relationship with actual reality. Unlike the other games, however, Ghost Trick also backs up its characters and story with fantastic gameplay that challenges but rarely frustrates and really feels built for the N...

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Entertaining story, fun concept 0

You awake to find that you are dead. You can't remember anything leading up to this moment. The only two people around are an innocent looking young lady named Lynne and the hitman who killed you. A voice then explains to you what has happened and the ghost powers you now posses. You then are given the task of saving Lynne. That is how Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective opens. You play as Sissel, who can't remember a thing about himself. He is given one night to discover who he is and why he was ...

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Great Puzzle mechanics that almost keep pace with a top notch story 0

Ghost trick is a quality puzzle game with a unique story that takes engaging tricks, heh pun, and turns with a colorful cast of characters. The story executes an engaging murder mystery detective story where a murder happens per chapter that "Sissel" our main lead needs to reverse. You go back 4 minutes before every murder and see the events that happened before. The puzzle sequences then have you sometimes waiting for things to happen in the real world during this 4 minute duration, or going in...

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Ghost Trick is a short but sweet ride 0

 Ghost Trick is fundamentally an adventure game that puts you into the shoes of a ghost, but there's so much more to it than that. Granted with special powers that allow him to jump from inanimate object to inanimate object, this ghost just may be able to pull it off with some clever thinking and some quick wit. With incredible graphics that no screen shot or description can do justice, top notch writing that you can expect from the creators of the Ace Attorney series, and a plethora of intrigui...

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Everything I excpected it to be, In a good way! 0

Ghost trick takes the amazing story telling of the Phoenix Wright series and makes it even Better. So basically it does sadden me I can't say much about how good the storyline is without exposing much detailes except for that you're a ghost, a ghost that, can manipulate objects, and your goal is to look for your real identity (As apparently dead men lose any memory of their existence). The story is well delivered, and the riddles are quite sophisticated, however, they require much less thinking ...

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A really amazing DS Puzzle/Adventure game 0

I know what you're thinking, “colonelpopcorn, why did it take you a year and a half to play this?” I'm glad you asked anonymous internet person. I didn't have a DS at the time, no job, super into the Xbox 360, there was a flood, tornado, smaug. I DI'NT DO IT OFFICER! Anyway, I was being lazy/poor, that's why.Ghost Trick is an adventure game in the vein of Phoenix Wright. No, I am not kidding, this game about ghostly tricks is about the same thing as lawyering it up in the courtroom. Not only do ...

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Ghost Trick: Inhabit a Great Story With Interesting Mechanics 0

Upon first starting up Ghost Trick, the first thing that impresses is the graphics. Simple and understated models are the name of the game here, but the fluidity of the sprite animation (or is it polygonal? Too good to tell) is amazing, bringing the characters to life in ways that I haven't before seen on the DS. The characters appear fairly large on the screen, fitting since the wacky yet grounded cast is the main draw here.  So how do the gameplay mechanics lose to the writing in a game that's...

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