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What did you do, Ray?!


Seriously that looks badass, but unfortunately the game isn't.

Let's just get this out there; there really hasn't been a great Ghostbusters property since, oh I don't know, 1984, and that is the truth. Ghostbusters 2 was an alright film, but it wasn't as good as the first, and then there was the Ghostbusters gamethat came out like two years ago... The cartoon series', Slimer! and the Real Ghostbusters and Extreme Ghostbusters, were alright but there hasn't been the fix the fans have wanted. I won't waste your time; this still hasn't changed that fact.

You can play as one of four new recruits for the 'Busters, while they're off doing something better than being in this game. It's a top-down duel-joystick shooter and not a very good one. You can switch between three colored proton streams at will, through progression of the game, and they all have a different effect and damage rating. With the different streams, there are different enemies to use them on. Red goes with red, blue with blue, and yellow with yellow. Red is standard proton stream, yellow is a wave, shotgun based charge stream, and blue is a rapid fire ricochet projectile. There are other equipment that you can acquire, but I didn't get to those. I got the the third level and stopped. I had to.

So, I find it unjust for me to actually review the whole game, so I'll review what I played.

It's slow. The intro is ridiculous with the semi-graphic comic look, horrible text, and ugly animation. The controls are just janky with both the bumpers and the face buttons mapping the different streams, but the response time of changing between them is slow and unforgiving. The enemy waves were just not fun from the get go, and they became even more frustrating the more you played. With the slow change speed of the weapons, and the pace of the enemies I found myself more down than downing ghosts. There was one point in the third level where in the usual box of an area, the enemies spawns were right on top of all the players. After we took them out, the mini boss spawned but took up a third of the fucking box! NO ONE COULD MOVE AND THE WEAPON'S CHARGE TIME TOOK FOREVER WITH NO TIME IN BETWEEN AND GUH JUST AHHHHHHL;DSHFLKJDSFLKJSDFLJKSFDALK... Sorry about This isn't a good game. I regret buying it. Playing it was painful to me, and all it did was make me angry. Were I to finish the game, I would give it 1 out of 5 traps, but I didn't so I won't.

But here's some shots I found on the internet.

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