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I'm sure most folks knew this already, but Xbox Games on Demand has this title for $20.  When I saw that, I sprung for it - I got the definite feeling on release that my Ghostbusters fandom was not up to the task of appreciating this game at full price.   It's a fun little romp that'll have you feeling like watching the Ghostbusters movies rather than like you'd just watched one.  I was expecting a little more from the writing (though probably not much, I got a few chuckles) but I think the biggest surprise was the gameplay.  It does a decent job, I think, of simulating the proton pack and the not-very-actiony action of the movies.  You don't see Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis pulling any acrobatic stunts in the movies, after all, and neither does your character.  And yet, many of the harder fights require heavy use of your clumsy dodge function.  

All in all, I'd say it was worth more like $15 to me, but $20 wasn't unreasonable.  My recommendation would be to swallow your pride and play it on easy, because I didn't get any satisfaction out of overcoming the challenge even on the default difficulty.  What you're after are the jokes and homages, and neither of those require you to dodge projectiles. 

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