PS3 Multilplayer servers shut down.

#1 Posted by sethshandor (98 posts) -

Damn. It was fun while it lasted.

#2 Posted by Huey2k2 (492 posts) -

I forgot the game even existed.

#3 Posted by Raven10 (1938 posts) -

People still played this?

#4 Posted by Sackmanjones (4768 posts) -
@Huey2k2 said:

I forgot the game even existed.

@Raven10 said:

People still played this?

#5 Posted by Bucketdeth (8048 posts) -

This was really a hidden gem, I played a few times online and had a lot of fun.

#6 Posted by jakob187 (21787 posts) -


Are the 360 servers dead also? Please tell me they are still up! I NEVER GOT TO S-RANK THIS BITCH!

Goddammit. That one stupid fucking multiplayer achievement...

#7 Posted by sethshandor (98 posts) -

I don't have a 360 but I believe they are still running.

#8 Posted by FunkasaurasRex (847 posts) -

@Sackmanjones said:

@Huey2k2 said:

I forgot the game even existed.

@Raven10 said:

People still played this?

#9 Posted by honeycut1 (142 posts) -

The 360 servers are still working at the moment, but Atari did say that all of the servers were being shut down.

#10 Posted by DarthOrange (3921 posts) -
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