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Was Ghostbusters: The Video Game worth the wait?

Ghostbusters: The Video Game is one of those rare licensed games that is so close to the source material, and yet the story by itself can hold it's own without the support of any of the movies with which the game derives from, all due thanks to the creative writing of Dan Aykroyd and Harald Ramis who penned the story for the game.

To put it simply it's a fan's dream!

You play as "Rookie" an unknown addition to the Ghostbusters team who tests out all of the prototype equipment that Egon creates. Basically a grunt boyfor the team. The game puts the player in many different locations and scenario's that keeps the game fresh and new all the while trapping ghosts and discovering new equipment that cleverly is added to the proton pack.

The equipment ranges from the standard Proton Pack, traps, PKE Meter, and the para-goggles that can be used, along with the meter, to search for ghosts hidden in walls, objects or scan for research to learn the weaknesses of the ghosts. The items that is collected throughout the game for research is stored at the firehouse along with Ecto 1!

To sum it up, there really isn't anything wrong with Ghostbusters: The Video Game. And despite the comparisons of what the game looks like between the 360 version and the PS3, if you have your fanboy goggles on then yes you'll see the "major" flaws. But if your like me who doesn't care about that fanboy crap you'll love the game for the fan service it provides instead of what console it's on.


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