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HILARIOUS web comic (just scroll down to read) [deleted]

got a good twist, enjoy

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A little late to the party, but a favorite of mine nonetheless.

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I know what that is. It's not funny.

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Don't be an ass, Francis.

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Remember, kids, if the URL says "naver" run from the computer as fast as you can.

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I would read it but.. I'm not sure if this is an alien story or what. 
I mean, what is this creature? 

 Some kind of fictional species?
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@PeasantAbuse said:


to long and what?

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@Swoxx said:

@PeasantAbuse said:


to long and what?

Korean.  I'm ultra-racist.
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@EuanDewar: This thread is now about Maybe Ghosts
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@PeasantAbuse said:

@Swoxx said:

@PeasantAbuse said:


to long and what?

Korean. I'm ultra-racist.

Oh....*backs away slowly*

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@masterpaperlink: hahahahhaha, oh my god, you dick! I fell out of bed!

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Hey, fuck you buddy.

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@Swoxx said:

@PeasantAbuse said:

@Swoxx said:

@PeasantAbuse said:


to long and what?

Korean. I'm ultra-racist.

Oh....*backs away slowly*

JK LULZ!  Usually when Chrome offers to translate a page I just exit out.
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EMP is overpowered.

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Not gonna lie, I've never seen these before. I felt my heart jump on each of those scares, even when I was expecting another one the second time. Lol, good times.

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It's been a long time since a jump scare was so effective on me.

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goddamn, its been a really long time since anything has made me jump at all, but that almost made me crap my pants.

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How did they make it do that?!

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@masterpaperlink: I hate you now :(

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@masterpaperlink: You're an ass sir, and i don't like your attempt to scare the shit out of me.

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Ahaha, at least this is getting enough reactions to make this worthwhile. I was in most of your shoes months ago. This thing freaked me the fuck out!

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Jesus christ...

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My socks are now full of diarrhea, splendid.

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Wow. Now that I've seen it, wow. I felt like I was already dead for a second there. 
Fuck you man!

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Posting a link without any personal input of your own is spam. BOOM.


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