Motion plus ghost slaying coming to Wiiware

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Gameplay wise it looks somewhat identical to Wii Sport Resort's fencing "story" mode. It does not looks as good but considering i really liked that mode in Wii Sport Resort I'm all for this: 

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Edit: Of course it looks completely stupid and lame. But considering the greatness that is Wii Sports Resort swordplay, I will get this one on day 1.

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Interview with developer Gevo Entertainment

  •  Generic "Ghost Queen wants to destroy the world and you must stop her" story
  • The game's producer describes it as a "Punch-Out!!-esque sword fighter on rails"
  • It was developed for MotionPlus from the start. MotionPlus is required.
  • There is some weapon leveling up
  • No multiplayer
  • The game is completely finished and they are just waiting for Nintendo to confirm their targeted release date, which is "soon".
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Whoa.  For a second, from the description, I was wondering who would pay $50 for this game, but then the WiiWare logo popped up at the start of the trailer and suddenly I'm feeling much better about this game.

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As promised, they delivered a very near release date: Ghost Slayer will hit Wiiware on the 22nd of this month. Next week.
Here's another trailer.


I'll get this on day 1, but I can't really blame anyone who won't.


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