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Giacomo is a renowned inventor and technological genius. As such, it was his brother Petruzzo, rather than Giacomo, who was groomed from birth to lead Miana. Throughout the campaign against the Doge, Giacomo expresses doubts as to his competance to lead effectively.

Despite these feelings, Giacomo proves himself to be an able leader, willing to quickly adapt new technologies and methods to his cause. On several occasions, Giacomo personally oversees the development of powerful weapons in the Mianan arsenal, an important example in the Vinci campaign being the Clockwork Man, to which the Doge of Venucci lacks access. Giacomo also displays a keen ability to win friends to his cause, earning the alliegence of many powerful foreign leaders, chief among them Lenora of Pirata and Arri of the Alin Kingdom.


  • Augmentation
  • Sonic Blast
  • Demolition Team
  • Super Armor

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