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The Giant Blacksmith is one of several blacksmiths the player can He works in the large cathedral in Anor Londo, in a room to the left of the main entrance. A gate leading to this area is locked from the other side, forcing the player to take the long way around.

His services include upgrading, forging, and selling items. The player must visit the Giant Blacksmith if they wish to infuse souls they gain from bosses with weapons to create more powerful weapons. And like all Blacksmiths, The Giant Blacksmith can use certain Embers found in the world to create new ascensions and unique weapons.

To the blacksmith's left, the player will find a chest with Hawkeye Gough's Hawk Ring. When Gough is spoken to in the Prepare to Die content, he asks about the Giant Blacksmith, suggesting the two knew each other.

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