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Nostalgia - Prologue scene
Gilbert Brown first appears as a playable character at the start of the game where he rescues Fiona from the clutches of the Ancient Father's Cabal elite Carmine inside the Tower of Babel. Though he succeeds in managing to give the girl a temporary escape, he is knocked off of his airship by enemy gunfire and disappears. Upon hearing the news, his son, Edward Brown, begins an adventure to search for his missing father.
Nostalgia - Gilbert at the Siberian Base
Gilbert shows up next at the Siberian Base to help put a stop to the Cabal elite Roswell's plans of using an ancient tablet to open up "The Gate to the Heavens", but his whereabouts become unknown once more when a self-destruct sequence destroys the base. Gilbert's third appearance is deep inside of Mount Fuji, where he protects Edward and his friends from another Cabal elite, Kakyo. It is after this mission that Gilbert finally returns home to his wife in London.
Astell - Nostalgia
Later in the game, Gilbert will become suspicious of the motives of his old friend Julius Fogg, who is the director of the Royal Exploration Agency. He decides to join Eddie and company to investigate by traveling through the London Sewers to beneath the Royal Museum. Once there, the party again faces both Kakyo and Carmine, and has their first meeting with Emperor Terra, leader of the Ancient Father's Cabal. After learning of Fogg's plan to assemble the fragmented tablet to gain power of his own, Gilbert, along with Scarlett Fellini and Astell, lead the hero party to the gate to Asgard, where they battle the Cabal's flying fortress, the Paracelsus.

During post-game, a side quest named "Path to Glory" will open up where Gilbert will challenge his son to a duel inside the Tower of Babel, to see how much he has grown.


(as opponent)
HP: 6500
Attack Power: 610
Defense Power: 18
Magic Attack Power: 150
Magic Defense Power: 75
Ability: Dividing Heacen
Item 1: n/a
Item 2: n/a

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