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Ginga Denshou: Galaxy Odyssey is a sci-fi shoot-em-up/action-adventure hybrid developed by Imagineer and is part of their Wave Jack series of feelie-enhanced games, along with Kieta Princess and Seiken Psycho Calibur.

In Ginga Denshou, the player flies around stages in their spaceship shooting down enemies. Enemies provide two basic types of currency upon their defeat: Oxygen (or Energy) and cash. Cash can be used in item shops found throughout the game to acquire additional bonuses and useful power-ups, but oxygen is necessary for the game's second mode.

When the player approaches one of the lettered sectors (each branded with a different letter of the alphabet), they continue the game on foot. While outside the ship, the oxygen meter counts down and the player must locate the end of the maze before it runs out entirely. These sections play more like The Legend of Zelda, with that game's customary top-down view, rather than the more standard vertical shoot-em-up action in the other mode.

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