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Ginjirou is said to have joined the Guardian Heroes in the hope of finding a famous sword known as Muramasa, a sword that is believed to be so powerful that it acquired a soul. He comes across as the most reserved and formal of the game's main characters, as well as the oldest. 
Ginjirou is one of the five characters who can be played as in the game's story mode, as well as one of the forty-five or so who can be controlled in versus mode.
Of the Guardian Heroes, he is the most mobile as he has many attacks that launch him across the screen, and can usually go further in a single movement than any of his comrades. This makes the ninja well suited to hit and run tactics, a handy skill when facing multiple enemies.
Ginjirou is also fairly adept at magic, specializing in the use of electricity. His most damaging spell usually is his thunder palm, which can be strung together several times for a large combo, and tends to do especially brutal damage to large enemies and robots.

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