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Gino Knab hails from Alanya and is Totori's childhood friend. He always carries a positive attitude and loves to travel and battle monsters outside of his hometown. Gino accompanies Totori on her travels in gathering synthesis ingredients to help defend her against the monsters they face in gathering areas. He always wanted to be an adventurer and joins with Totori's goal in attaining their adventurer's license. Gino and Totori consults with Pete, Alanya's carriage horse rider, and agree that if they make his fee charge, Pete will let Gino and Totori travel to Arland to get their adventurer's license. They don't make the fee, but Cecilia, Guid, and Melvia knew Pete was pulling their leg, and Pete allows both Gino and Totori to ride in his carriage and travel to Arland. During their trip, the carriage was briefly attacked by a huge monster. Gino planned to defend Totori but saw Sterkenburg Cranach quickly finds his inspiration. After acquiring his adventurer's license, he sets his goal to being a strong swordsman.


Gino can be recruited into Totori's party to battle with Totori on her travels throughout the Arland Republic. He can be recruited by talking to him in front of Gerard's Bar at Alanya's Town Square. Gino is equipped with a sword as his weapon.

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