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Gio is a self-proclaimed retiree from the Arland Kingdom who battles monsters outside of Arland as a hobby. His first run-in with Rorona was when he attempted to pay an item to Tiffani with a ring as payment, as he had forgotten his wallet on that day. Rorona stepped in a paid the 200 cole item for Gio. Gio visited Rorona at her alchemist workshop a few days later to repay the 200 cole. Later on, Gio dragged Rorona to an area outside of Arland and asked her to battle a griffon and Rorona was soundly defeated. He stepped in after Rorona and easily defeated griffin to Rorona's amazement. Gio then gave Rorona a particular item that she was looking for as a request from the Arland kingdom.

Gio seems to have a sour relationship with Sterkenburg, as Sterk confronted Gio regarding his unfinished assignments back in the Arland Kingdom. At the end of the Atelier Rorona, it is revealed that Gio is the King of Arland and will return back to his position. Gio insists that he will utilize Rorona's alchemy for any future requests that will be useful to the kingdom.

In Atelier Meruru, he convinces his long-time friend and King of the Arls Kingdom, Lord Dessier, to have his kingdom merge with the Arland Republic.


Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland

Gio can be recruited to the player's party to battle with Rorona on locations outside of Arland. He's equipped with a cane with a sword sheathed as his weapon and wears and coats as clothes. Gio attacks with his sword sheathed inside his cane. His skills consist of stronger attacks, with some adding elemental efforts that may induce side effects to the targeted enemy.

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