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A young, unnamed human girl that plays an important role in Asura's Wrath. Following Asura's second descent into Naraka, a shrine to him is erected by villagers, but the site is otherwise avoided. The girl, however, does not believe in the gods in the same way as the other villagers. While everyone else prays for the Seven Deities to take their lives, she is the only one that does not share their delusion. She instead prays to Asura's shrine, and is present when he reawakens.

Believing in Asura and his purpose, the girl follows and forms a bond with him. Their relationship is strengthened further due to Asura seeing a strong resemblance to his daughter Mithra in her. However, when they enter a village as it comes under attack by a fleet commanded by Olga, the two become separated as the girl runs into the village. Though Asura manages to fight off Olga's troops, Olga steps up her attack and attempts to kill Asura by destroying the village with an orbital bombardment. Unable to stop the attack, Asura is helpless to witness as the girl returns with a young boy in tow just before the bombs begin to hit.

When Asura regains consciousness following the destructive assault, he finds that the girl has been killed. Devastated and angered beyond measure, he flies into a berserker rage and inflicts the full extent of his fury on Olga's fleet, decimating it until she's forced to retreat.

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