jimbo_n's Gitaroo Man (PlayStation 2) review

One of the most charming´and original rythmgames on the PS2.

+ Unique, innovative and sometimes very challenging rythm gameplay. Easy to learn, hard to master. Smart control layout !

+ Beautiful, fantasticly designed and stylish scenarious filled with humour playing in the background when youre playing. Some scenes are nothing short of masterpieces and one special scene is one of the most beautiful gaming moments Ive played through all year.

+ Really good songs. A very important point for a rythmgame of course and GM delivers on every aspect. Theres crazy J-Pop, blues and rock n roll ballads. All of them sounds really nice and are fun to play. Combines with the scenarios really well. Youll be wanting to play some songs again and get better grades for sure !

+ Very accessible to everyone, not just rythmgame fanatics. Everyone can enjoy this game.

+ Contains alot of really cool and fun characters who´s got really distinct personalities even tho the game is so short. Good job !

+ Very high replayvalue. The songs are so good and the game is so short that it combines to a game you´ll be coming back to over and over for some short sessions with a song or two.


- SHORT! And i mean to write that in caps because this game can seriously be over in an hour or so if youre good at it. The game consists of 10 songs. Lets say that they are 3-5 minutes each. If you dont mess up and finish each song on the first try it´ll be over very fast. On one hand it has good replayvalue but its still a VERY short game.

- Controls can be a bit jumpy sometimes. The analogstick wich you use to steer in different directions can sometimes feel a bit wierd. Its going on rails as long as you keep it in the genereal direction that it should be heading but feels more responsive sometimes and less responsive on other occasions. It also tends to just jump away in the wrong direction sometimes.

- I get the feeling that the buttons that you need to press in rythm to the music sometimes are out of sync. Its very rare but I cant help but feeling that sometimes i miss where i shouldnt have missed.

- Wierd savesystem. You have to go into Options and select load, the select a "load bank" and THEN back out to the main menu and into the campaign to continue from where you left off. If you dont read manuals (wich you dont) it will take a while to figure out.

- The cutscenes overall look kinda ugly. They are nowhere as good or as goodlooking as the actual stages of the game and feel kinda stiff.

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