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Githyanki are a humanoid race in Dungeons and Dragons. Originally known only as the Gith, they were bred by the fearsome Mind Flayers for combat in their arenas. After breaking free, the Gith waged a civil war with themselves for power and a clash of ideology, splitting into two groups know as the Githyanki and the 
Githzerai. The Githyanki are seen as more of an evil presence than their brothers who fled into the Chaotic realm of Limbo.
The Githyanki live upon floating vessels of dead (or sleeping) gods, which they mine into and build their homes on. Living on the Astral Plane, they have built their combat prowess to suit their environment, forging silver swords to cut travelers 'Silver cords' and use the psionic ability to teleport themselves.
Currently, they serve a powerful and cruel lich Queen. They have also made pacts with the Dragon God Tiamat, to use her Red Dragons.

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