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Glass Heart Princess is an otome game which available on Playstation Portable (PSP) release by Otomate. A fan disc called Glass Heart Princess: Platinum soon will be available in 2013.


The heroine, is a a noble princess named Kyouko Himeno. Perfect in every aspect and came from a respected family. She had suffered a rare disease called "Glass Heart Syndrome". She will die whenever her heart pounding rise than the usual. In order to survive, she needs to train her heart rate and going to find a prince and fall in love.



  • 23 January 2013


  • KENN
  • Tatsuhisa Suzuki
  • Wataru Hatano
  • Kouki Miyata

1. Opening Theme "Steel Your Heart"

2. Ending theme of "Love Color Miracle"

  • Lyrics - Yoshie Isogai
  • Composition and Arrangement - Ono Takamitsu
  • Song - Love Color Miracle by Masaki Shinnosuke (KENN), Karasuma Yukito (Suzuki Tatsuhisa), Asahina Tenma (Hatano Wataru) and Hoshino Kanata (Miyata Kouki).

Glass Heart Princess Soundtrack Plus


Front cover Glass Heart Princess Soundtrack Plus
1.Steel Your Heart (game ver.)1:33
3.Wake Up1:43
4.Bye Sun1:54
5.Moon Light1:49
6.Oh Rubbish2:02
7.Oh Rubbish 21:50
8.Healing Heart1:43
9.Old Memory1:53
10.Don't Cry1:38
12.Knock the Bridge2:10
13.Bad Feel2:15
14.Fury of Princess1:46
16.All for You1:41
17.Still for You1:55
18.Off Street1:43
19.School Days2:00
20.Space Sound1:43
22.Love Color Miracle (game ver.)1:39
23.Steel Your Heart Masaki Shinnosuke (CV.KENN) solo full ver.1:52
24.Steel Your Heart Karasuma Yukito (C.V Suzuki Tatsuhisa) solo full ver.1:40
25.Steel Your Heart Asahina Tenma (C.V Hatano Wataru) solo full ver.3:14
26.Steel Your Heart Hoshino Kanata (C.V Miyata Kouki) solo full ver.3:14
27.Love Color Miracle Masaki Shinnosuke (CV.KENN) solo full ver.3:14
28.Love Color Miracle Karasuma Yukito (C.V Suzuki Tatsuhisa) solo full ver.3:15
29.Love Color Miracle Asahina Tenma (C.V Hatano Wataru) solo full ver.3:45
30.Love Color Miracle Hoshino Kanata (C.V Miyata Kouki) solo full ver.3:45

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