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The Glendale resembles a 1950s, or 1960s, family sedan. It appears in both Grand Theft Auto games that are set in Vice City, as well as San Andreas. The car is most common with a two tone paint job, which is the base body color, as well as a separate colored roof. Unless the car is modified, the roof is always white. However, in San Andreas, there is an all-red variant of the car available.  There are several different styles to the Glendale, and they happen to be: 
'Beater' Glendale: Appears in San Andreas only. 
Bloodring Banger: Appears in both Vice City and San Andreas 

Vice City

In Vice City, the Glendale is a common car, and is relatively similar to the Oceanic. Glendales are average in all respects, but they are not much more. The Glendale appears in both Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, as well as Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. Regardless of the game, the same flaws remain. Despite the flaws of the Glendale, it is a perfectly good car, and can withstand a decent amount of damage. 

San Andreas

In GTA: San Andreas, the Glendale is a much less common car. However, it is used by the Vagos gang as a gang car, which makes it easier to find, should you be looking for one. Once the Vagos are wiped out though, the car becomes extremely difficult to find. Not only this, but Big Smoke owns a blue model of Glendale. His car has a custom license plate, which reads "A2TMFK", which actually translates to "A Two Timing Fuck", which is a reference to the storyline of the game for those who noticed it. 

Beater Glendale

Along with the Walton, the Glendale is one of two cars in the game with a 'beater' variant. This variant of the car is known in the game files as the 'Glenshit', and it retains the same performance as the standard Glendale. The difference is that the car is visibly damaged. All the body parts of the Glendale are scratched up and damaged, like if the standard car had been crashed several times. The doors, hood, trunk, and fenders are all damaged looking, and cannot be repaired.
 Blue Beater edition of the Glendale
Even so, the car is not actually damaged, which is different to a standard Glendale that is simply crashed. These Beater Glendales spawn in the countryside, and have been the source of much speculation by players. However, they seem to merely be spawned so that if the player is found stranded in the countryside without a car, there should be a vehicle close by.  

Bloodring Banger

As well as having the standard version of the car, there is also the Bloodring Banger edition. The Bloodring Banger cars are modified versions of both the Oceanic, and the Glendale that are tweaked to survive destruction derby events. Not only this, they have improved handling over their road counterparts. Strangely though, while the Glendale appears as a Bloodring Banger in both Vice City and San Andreas, the Oceanic only appears in Vice CIty.

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