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The battle arena. Here, The Koopinator faces off against Rawk Hawk with the crowd cheering!
Mario and Rawk Hawk are ready to do battle at the arena with Grubba as the referee.

The Glitz Pit is a fighting arena where most of the third chapter of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door takes place. It is located in Glitzville. Prior to the game, it was Prince Mush who was the first champion before he mysteriously disappeared. During the chapter, Mario and the gang decide to compete in a fighting tournament where they face twenty of the toughest teams and Rawk Hawk. In the end it is Mario for the win, at least, until Macho Grubba appears. After a tough match against a Crystal Star boosted Macho Grubba, Mario wins and takes the Crystal Star for himself. Later in the game, Mario can return to the arena to become the champion a second time. The Glitz Pit also has two announcers. One of them is Grubba in the main story and another one is Jolene if Mario decides to come back later on in the game. The arena also has three locker rooms so fighters can reserve the match at anytime and relax after a tough match. When it's officially time for battle, Grubba or Jolene will introduce the fighters and give them a pep talk and when the gong sounds, the fight is on! So get in the arena, reserve a match, hit the gong and... FIGHT!


According to Goombella's Tattle of the arena, she said that the ring in the middle is where all of the magic happens. And by "magic," she meant brutal beatdowns.

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