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The city's most popular fighting arena, the Glitz Pit!

Glitzville is a city in the sky, home to the Glitz Pit, an opulent fighting arena where the wealthy bet on warriors. One of the Crystal Stars Mario needs is located here. He and his crew originally believe that the star is on the Championship belt, which is owned by Rawk Hawk. Thus Mario and the gang join the fighting circuit under the name "The Great Gonzales" in order to get to the top. Along the way they uncover a seedy operation where top fighters like King K, Andy the Bandit, and the former champ Prince Mush go missing. Mario goes from rank 20 all the way up to win the championship until he discovers that the Crystal Star on the championship belt is a fake. The group discovers that the owner of the Glitz Pit, Grubba, has used the Crystal Star to suck the energy out of fighters to make himself more powerful. Mario defeats Grubba, all the fighters are restored and Mario leaves with the 3rd Crystal Star. Later, Mario can return to the Glitz Pit and fight his way back up to the top. This is an easy way to get coins and experience.

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