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Gnome mythology dates back to medieval times when Gnomes were considered to be very ugly creatures. A specific area and time of the creation of the Gnome mythology cannot be specified for a couple reasons. One being that Gnomes were often confused with, replaced, or represented by other mythological creatures that are short of stature such as dwarves. This often leads to confusion in the literature, as a gnome may be depicted as a dwarf or vice versa. Gnomes are in the legends of several different parts of Europe, meaning different names, appearances and time periods.

Types of Gnomes

A statue of a Tengu
A statue of a Tengu
  • Kaukis - A Prussian gnome. Appearing in Germanic traditions and literature.
  • Barbegazi - A gnome common to French and Swiss tales. Known for their large feet.
  • Tengu - An eastern style of "Winged" gnome. Known for their avian characteristics and long noses.

Modern Gnomes

Gnomes have since been an often used as creatures in video games such as World of Warcraft. These games often depict Gnomes in their modern perception of bright colours, silly voices, and mechanical prowess.


EQ Gnomes
EQ Gnomes

Gnomes are the smallest race and were also created by Brell Serilis. Although small, Gnomes are highly intelligent, which is why many decide to become casters. A few gnomes choose to devote their lives to Brell as a cleric, but the low wisdom makes it a struggle. Their size also grants them great agility and dexterity, which makes for excellent rogues and an occasional warrior. Gnomes make their home in the ancient city of Ak'anon in the Steamfont Mountains. While most Gnomes are good-natured, there are those that dwell below the city practicing the art of necromancy, worshipping other gods, and training to become conniving theives. All gnomes have an affinity for mechanics, and as such they have the unique skill of Tinkering. Gnomes also have infravision, enhancing their vision in the caves of Ak'anon and any other darkness. And, obviously, Gnomes wear only small armor.

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