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Goals in Sports

The goalkeeeper at the goal, saving a soccer ball.

Goals in sports are most commonly associated with association football (i.e., soccer). However, the actual structure of a goal can vary greatly from one sport to the next. In association football, the goal is rectangular in shape and is comprised of two vertical posts that are connected by a horizontal post along the topside. American football goals are quite different; these are made up of one pole sticking out of the ground which is connected to a horizontal one at the middle. This has two further posts sticking directly up from it at either end, reminiscent of a tuning fork. Hockey goals are different again; while they bear a resemblance to association football goals, they are much smaller in size and more narrow in length.

Goals in Gaming

The goal as seen in Mario Strikers Charged.

Goals in the gaming sense are usually associated with completing a set number of tasks in order to progress to the next stage; the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series provides a perfect example of this. However, in this case we’re referring to the actual physical object as oppose to the concept. Super Monkey Ball is a good example of goals featuring within a game; here you must navigate a simian across various obstacles and platforms in order to reach the goal at the end. The goal consists of two posts, with a band of tape draped across spelling out the word ‘GOAL’. There is also a large circle located above it, within this circle there is a ball that drops glitter upon completing the level. Naturally goals are also found in many sports titles, as the goal itself is usually a core component of the sport.

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