God Hand coming to PSN on October 4th for $10

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If you missed out on the greatest game of the PS2 generation, now's your chance to catch up. Sony has announced that a handful of PS2 titles will be coming out on PSN this month for $10 each, and one of the first titles of the bunch is God Hand. Don't act like you don't like the ball buster, and go buy a copy tomorrow.

A full list of the games coming out tomorrow, but WHO CARES GOD HAND HOLY SHIT

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Wow... bummer I got no playstation 3 cause i would get that in a heartbeat.

Was never able to find that game on shelves around here.

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@schizzy: Could you provide some details? File size, resolution, etc.

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@abdo said:

@schizzy: Could you provide some details? File size, resolution, etc.

It is as far as I can tell an emulated PS2 game. No special treatment.

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Please. Anyone that owns a ps3, this game is well worth the $10.

The only reason I'm not getting this is that I played it for the first time over the summer because I somehow found it at a gamestop for $12. It is a fantastic game, one of the best on the PS2.

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This is good news.

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God Hand is a hilarious and difficult as fuck game.  I love it.  Anyone on the fence should know it is a Clover game, aka the Okami/Viewtiful Joe and now Platinum Games dudes.   It also has one of the best ending credits.  Only rivaled by Portal 1's.
I've only beaten it on easy.  Made it halfway through normal, took a break for a few months, came back and I had lost all my mojo and couldn't get anywhere :(

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For 10 bucks I might buy God Hand sooner or later, definetly interested in checking it out someday.

If there are any masochists out there that aren't currently playing Dark's Souls I would recommend them to try Maximo: Ghosts to Glory that also came out. It kinda looks like a slightly improved N64 game and is hard in a very oldschool and punishing way (losing all but three of your upgrades every time you die, shield can only take a limited number of hits before it breaks, forcing you to find a vendor to sell you a new one and you have to PAY in-game currency to Save etc.) but godammit I like that game, so rewarding.

Protip: choose the Kiss as a reward after every boss since it will give you an additional permament upgrade slot.

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@schizzy said:

@abdo: File Size: 1520 MB.

Not sure what the Res is but I think it does look pretty good for a ps2 game with these settings - PS Upscaler: Normal and PS smoothing: Off

When I launch it lowers the resolution from my default settings then raises it back when i quit. I'm guessing the resolution is 480p.

720p actually, my TV gives resolution info whenever it changes. It's just up-scaling though, so it doesn't look much better than when I play God Hand on my PS2 over component cables. Still, God Hand is a fantastic game, and fully worth $10. (Hell, it's fully worth the $60 they charge for new games this generation.)

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Can you use the XMB when playing ps2 games.

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No, you can't use the XMB while playing it, it works the same way the downloadable PS1 games do.

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*Makes a Chie joke*


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As long as the emulation doesn't make it look like complete garbage, this is great news. Really hope it comes out in Europe too. I've bought games on my American account before, but luckily that credit card expired before the hack. Not gonna risk doing that again.

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Many months later, it finally arrives on the EU PSN Store!

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Some of the cutscenes in God Hand are golden.

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