Who else loves this game?

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I  certainly do, it's one of those more obscure titles made by a great developer that no one ever buys from and is now gone =/. Nonetheless this game was greatly underestimated, and wish more people could share the joy I got from playing this game.

#2 Posted by WilloughbyJackson (36 posts) -

Yeah, I'm a big fan of this game.  As the original Japanese ad said, "It's hard, but it's fair..."

#3 Posted by TouchMyBox (52 posts) -

Probably the bestest game ever.

Fighting a horde of midget power-ranger look-alikes is probably one of the more satisfying things in videogaming.

#4 Posted by Verge (47 posts) -
I spent so many hours betting on little mutant chiwawas getting the cash for the super powerful moves. Great game and a nice challenge too. What I wouldn’t give for a sequel or spiritual successor to this game.
#5 Posted by Gizmo (5389 posts) -

Saw this on a episode of On The Spot, Jeff thought it looked cool, I thought it looked cool. I think it looks cool.

#6 Posted by LuckyWanderDude (929 posts) -

I want to buy it when I get money.

#7 Posted by Pyro2 (4 posts) -

Just Re-bought a PS2 to play this again. Still amazing, even after playing a steady dose of 360 and PS3 games. And it still kicks my ass.

#8 Posted by gla55jAw (2685 posts) -

I just got this game, its so fun!

#9 Posted by I_smell (3925 posts) -

I love God Hand and it loves me back.

#10 Posted by Fr0Br0 (3089 posts) -

It's one of those games where it has great gameplay, but is also funny. Can't get much better than that.

#11 Posted by Kush (8889 posts) -

I haven't played too much, but I love the little I did play. And I absolutely love the sense of humor.

#12 Posted by Dudacles (1442 posts) -

I just completed it and it was awesome, except for the final boss fight. :p That one sucked IMO.

#13 Posted by Lemegeton (780 posts) -

i enjoyed it. never finished it and only got through a few stages . really great game

#14 Posted by Demilich (2599 posts) -

/v/ loves this game.

Unfortunately I have never seen it for sale anywhere.

#15 Posted by oraknabo (1453 posts) -

Started playing this again last night. This has to be the absolute funniest game I ever played. I can't remember many games that I've actually laughed out loud at while playing. Maybe Raving Rabbids, but it's a pretty rare occurrence. The stereo that plays the legend outside the store and the theme song crack me up every time.

I also love all the little references to other fighters, the Mike Tyson references and the crazy stuff like poison chihuahuas.

#16 Posted by ljgpliskin92 (171 posts) -

Any game that allows me to kick people into space with a "We're blasting off again!" twinkle when they leave geosynchronous orbit, get's an A + in my book.

#17 Posted by c1337us (5751 posts) -

I remember liking the look of it on an episode of On The Spot. By the time it came out though I had pretty well moved on from the PS2 and the Gamecube etc. I still see it all over the place though as most JB HiFi's and EB's have at least one copy in store.

#18 Posted by MikeydCT (562 posts) -

I fell in love with it when I started the game.

#19 Posted by Two (54 posts) -

One of my favorite games of all time, easy. I regret selling my God Hand (and PS2) daily. Such a fun time, and it sure didn't let you walk all over it. You had to earn your victories! So great.

#20 Posted by essd0g (59 posts) -

I pray everyday for a sequel.

#21 Posted by Phonics (327 posts) -

Last great game of last-gen.

#22 Posted by Fallen189 (4931 posts) -

Games that need a remake/new game in franchise

Games that just demand current generation Fidelity. To be updated as I think.

1. Road Rash

A fully realised and competent Road Rash game? I'd be down with that.

2. Strider

Why is this still not made?

3. Super Mario Bros. 3

I suppose in a way, World was this. But I just want more Suits. And Kuribo's Shoe.

4. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4

"The chronicles of Tohru Adachi: The pre-Inaba years"

5. Final Fantasy VI

If they remade FF6, I'd never play another game.

6. Space Harrier

Virtual worlds fall around you. Objectives appear before your eyes, cluttering your vision. Everything falls silent. As tears stream down your space visor you realize, too late, that it has you. Welcome to the Fantasy Zone. GET READY!!

7. God Hand


#23 Posted by Snail (8574 posts) -

Oh my God, the American box art sucks so much.

#24 Posted by trophyhunter (5800 posts) -

I can't wait for the koei fist of the north star game

#25 Posted by Fallen189 (4931 posts) -
@Linkyshinks said:
" Fuck yes, I adore this game, despite it's minor flaws and lack of polish in areas it is a fantastic game. it's well and truly lol worthy in places due to it's tacky VA :D

It's Capcom's to revive, I hope they do on Wii

Look at this BS: 

http://uk.ps2.ign.com/articles/738/738253p2.htmlTo think this idiot is the head of IGN's PlayStation team..The above review is not a bad one, it's far more than that. "

#26 Posted by Napalm (9020 posts) -
@Fallen189: My opinion on that, is they simply should have given the game to review who was a fan of brawlers, or who can appreciate the quirkiness of the game, and well, Japanese humor too.
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Been playing this again (on normal again, lolz) after beating it twice on normal, fuck was hard really hard for my noobish skills, it's one of the games that feels legitimately hard and feels like my reflex just isn't quick enough for it, I could see every moves coming but way too slow to react sometimes, normal is still a blast and it's quite a stress relief for me, adaptive difficulty makes it so fun.

#28 Posted by lowpattern (6 posts) -

Like future-retro ?
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Since my last post in this thread quite some time ago I found and picked up a copy of God Hand at a reject shop of all places and got it for the bargain basement price of $5 Australian dollars. I was one of the best purchases I ever made. My brother loves it and still plays it a lot. I haven't played it in a while but I would love to see a sequel.

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Me. Mechanically, it's the tightest, most brilliant game I've ever played. It's always challenging, but never, ever cheap, which means it remains engaging and satisfying every step of the way, from the very first enemy to the final boss.

It's a shame it wasn't very popular. If it had become as influential for beat 'em ups as Resident Evil 4 has been for third-person shooters, I would've been a very, very happy man.

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 Such a great game.  Love the way you can customize your moves to fit your style.  Totally made me feel like a badass.  The reviews for this game baffle me.

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This game made me start my own youtube channel just so I could show the game to more people.......admittedly I did a half assed job of it but still, it's the thought that counts right?

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Currently replaying this game. It took a while to reacquaint myself with the controls and the combat system (it's been a long time and there's no other game that plays like this), but once I got into it I started having more fun than I've had with a game since... well, since the last time I played God Hand. My right hand hurts from the intense button pressing, I've come close to throwing the controller into the wall a couple of times, and I'm having the best fucking time.

This is mandatory playing for anyone who likes 3D beat 'em ups. It's a goddamned tragedy that after seven years there still hasn't been any attempt to imitate it.

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Who was here in 2008 that's here now is a better question, love the yearly necros though.

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