Are there any duders playing this online?

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I'd like to hear your thoughts and/or start an official multiplayer thread.


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It's phenomenal, I just wrapped up a session myself, and I intend to play a few more after finishing up here.

I've been describing it as Power Stone, but on a larger scale. Physical combat is perfectly capable, but knowing the map is just as important as knowing how to fight, knowing where a specific item spawns can save you time and time again, you can goad people into stepping right onto traps, and environment objectives can turn entire games around.

Your play style centers around what god you align with, which you can switch anytime you aren't in a game:

Ares: High physical damage, Low magical damage, good armor

Zeus: Low physical damage, High magical damage, good armor

Poseidon: High health, high armor, low damage; supports teammates

Hades: Low health, low armor, high damage; avoids damage with moves that make you disappear into the floor and walls.

They did a great job of balancing the game as well, there's no best god or surefire way to win fights that everyone defaults to, with each death you just need to learn what went wrong and adapt.

And for those that don't fancy competitive, there is a 2 player co-op mode where you have to defeat hordes of AI within a few minutes.

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Yupp, I'm not a big multiplayer guy but I feel like I could play this for a while. I always land on shitty teams but the games fun nonetheless. I just need to start playing with my friends though.

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It is awesome and more people should be talking about it!

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