Oh, Hey, There's Totally a Leaked God of War: Ascension Trailer [UPDATED]

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So it's a prequel again

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Ho-hum. God of War 3 hardly set the world on fire.

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The GOW series are some of my favorite games. But I don't see the point in going after the third game.

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@SethPhotopoulos said:

@Animasta said:

@SethPhotopoulos said:


Jesus: Wha- ugh.

three days later

Jesus: Not cool man.

psh, SMT killed christian god AGES ago;

Are you saying SMT and GOW take place in the same universe?


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I'm sort of glad people are showing indifference towards this game (though that could all change once in-game footage is actually shown). I mean, is there anywhere else this franchise can go at this point? Considering that God of War 3 had a sense of finality to it, considering that--you know--Kratos is now dead, I just don't see the purpose of "another" God of War game.

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@Pishogue said:

Wait, so this one takes place in the American Revolution?

Yeah, and I heard Kratos is actually Native American.

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I've still got two more God of War games in my house that I haven't beat. I'll play those first, I guess.

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@Hailinel said:

 Either way, you're getting excited for a murderous psychopath to do his thing.

I missed the part where this is a bad thing. 
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@cexantus: well don't forget, in the ending to GOW3, his body suddenly disappeared with blood spread across the rocks as if he or someone else dragged him off...

this series has become a joke now, 3 was a huge disappointment. I mean it had really no story, nothing new to the gameplay other than some new moves and the graphics (I know some will argue with me here) are nothing to look at with shit like Herc's helm going straight through his upper chest, its just ugly. now we have a prequel with, what I imagine to be, the same gameplay and a story that was told as Krato's back story in the very first game. so YAY for this game and every last copy who finds a sucker to give it a home.

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I'm a bad person for never having played a God of War game, aren't I?

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Think I played all of 25 minutes of GOWIII. Not my thing.

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I don't see the point to this game, the trilogy is over, Kratos is dead the story has been told. A prequel, now being the fourth game in the console version of the franchise seems really weak. How are they going to make the gameplay new/add new powers when this is before he became the god of war? He can't be MORE powerful than in 3, so what are they going to do? It all seems forced.

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I'd like a sequel where belief in the classical Gods is dying out due to a lack of reason to believe (since they all got fucking murdered), so Christianity begins to rise up in its place.

Kratos is not thrilled by this and decides to teach the new God a lesson by nailing his son to a piece of wood (the first minigame; the second involves a 4-way with Mary Magdalene and a pair of hot lepers).

This would then be followed by a haunted-house battle against the Holy Spirit, and then the game would end with Kratos riding an escalator to Heaven and fist-fighting God on a cloud, inadvertently creating the Darksiders universe in the process.

It will sell billions!

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I really want another GoW game, but I really hope this is a sequel, not a prequel. The comic, Chains of Olympus, and GoW1 have all covered his backstory extensively. I'm much more interested in what happens after he butchers everybody. From the teaser, I honestly can't tell what it is. But regardless, still really excited.

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Canon be damned, I'm ready for more God of War.

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A major division of Greek myth Kratos has yet to brutally curb stomp in a whiny tantrum is the Protogenoi, the primordial gods who were formed out of Chaos, like Chronos, Ananke, Uranus, Erebus, Nyx, Tartarus, etc (sound familiar?). Who wouldn't want to chop Uranus's balls off? Because that totally happens in the myth. There are enough Greek gods to last plenty more games, though they'd only get more and more obscure from here on out. Not that I'm condoning it, but still. I still say these games only make sense if Kratos turns out to be YHVH himself, but this makes no sense from a historical perspective and, unlike SMT because relatively few play it, might cause some pretty major controversy.

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I never cared about the God of War games. I never found Kratos appealing.

#69 Posted by Tim_the_Corsair (3065 posts) -

Either that, or have a reveal that this is how Khorne came into being

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Square, Square, Triangle?

#71 Posted by justin3d (60 posts) -

Another prequel?

I was really hoping for a really fresh setting that took place after GoWIII.

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My response to this.


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When the trailer was talking about him before he became the Ghost of Sparta, I was hoping that they would make this an RTS for the VITA where you command the armies of Sparta.

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@Apathylad said:

I never cared about the God of War games. I never found Kratos appealing.

Hahahha man you are going about it all kinds of wrong if you think Kratos is meant to be "appealing".

#75 Posted by mewarmo990 (839 posts) -

If this is before all the god murdering and betrayal... do we just watch Kratos run around killing people?

#76 Posted by SirPsychoSexy (1332 posts) -

I probably won't play it if they don't change the gameplay at least a little bit. It was fun the first go around, but after playing the same exact game 3 times I don't think I can take it anymore

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Kratos is still PISSED, you guys.

#78 Posted by SeriouslyNow (8534 posts) -

God of War : Blood Disease.

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Hopefully this isn't another prequel

#80 Posted by doe3879 (823 posts) -

havent there been enough PRE god of war "1" games already

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@Abyssfull said:

@Shaanyboi said:

Great. Another game for Kratos to run around, act like an angsty teenager, and just kill everything with no purpose or drive beyond "THEY HAVE BETRAYED ME". How...inspired.

I know, right? It was somewhat refreshing to play as someone who walks around with a comically large chip on his shoulder, but 5 games of that ''ARRRRGHDFHDFDGD KILLLL EVERYYYEONNNNE!!'', it gets tiring. In GoW3, Kratos truly succeeded his own level of assholishness... I mean good God (ugh), what a colossal twat. There's a point when an anti-hero stops being an anti-hero and becomes an all around jerk, and GoW3 steam rolled over that point a dozen times over.

I think Extra Credit put it best in that Kratos' first game featured a protagonist that was dark, had a clear motivation, pathos, and could demand a level of empathy. Every game afterwards has just made him more and more of a caricature of himself.

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@doe3879 said:

havent there been enough PRE god of war "1" games already

This is only the second (which is still a little ridiculous... essentially it's a prequel for a prequel), the Ghost of Sparta prequel was set between 1 & 2. It was also bollocks because despite being the one game set where Kratos is meant to actually be a God with all of his Godly-ness--before he empties it all into the sword of olympus during the beginning of GoW2--you still had to start from scratch with your abilities, and there's nothing that really helps set Kratos apart from how he plays in every other game.

He doesn't even start off with magic, or any kind of abilitease that's then removed through convenient means to justify why you're yet again having to feast on blood orbs.

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@Beaudacious said:

Meh...more god of war


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Oh hooray. Another God of War game. I wonder if you will mash out the same 3 combos over and over again and perhaps do some quick time events.

#85 Posted by Cyrisaurus (454 posts) -

Kratos served the gods for 10 years.

There's plenty story to tell that they haven't touched yet.

#86 Posted by Enigma777 (6068 posts) -

Man there's a lot of fucking whiners here....

#87 Posted by Peanut (964 posts) -

3 kinda finished it for me. I loved the first two and thought Chains of Olympus was pretty good, but I think I'm done with the series.

#88 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7098 posts) -

I'm totally okay with this. I'd love to see a Norse-themed God of War but more Kratos is pretty great too.

#89 Posted by Strife777 (1635 posts) -

A prequel (which it looks like it is) seems kind of anticlimactic considering the ending of GOW3. It just seems like there has been enough with the two PSP prequels and his backstory explained in the main games.

But hey, who am I kidding. I know I'm going to buy it regardless.

#90 Posted by devilzrule27 (1239 posts) -

Fuck yeah!

#91 Posted by PSNgamesun (419 posts) -

Killer god of war is in my opinion the most consistent franchise(Tied with ME series)in videogames so any title from them equals awesome to me

#92 Posted by probablytuna (3972 posts) -

Cool I guess. I still need to finish God of War III.

#93 Posted by JoeyRavn (5001 posts) -

I've never seen the appeal of the God of War games. Sure, they look pretty good, but gameplaywise... They look like mindless button mashers to me.

#94 Posted by Glottery (1423 posts) -

Hells yeah! Finished the second HD Collection just recently and it was just as fun, even if perhaps not as epic as GoW III. Definetly don't mind me some more Kratos, even with minor gameplay changes. But of course, going for some major changes and still managing to keep them good wouldn't be a bad thing either.

#95 Posted by Aegon (6005 posts) -

Wait, what?

#96 Posted by ZOnikJJ (261 posts) -

I'm curious as to what part of Kratos' story this is going to cover

#97 Posted by ultimatepunchrod (336 posts) -

@JoeyRavn said:

I've never seen the appeal of the God of War games. Sure, they look pretty good, but gameplaywise... They look like mindless button mashers to me.

Well they can be if you put them on Easy, but if you bump it up to Hard or Very Hard, you need some strategy for bigger fights. I'm not saying that GOW on any difficulty is an incredibly intricate brawler, but there are plenty of layers you can experiment with.

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Don't know why people are shitting all over this game, even before we see gameplay footage. I for one, am all for more God of War and Kratos. The fact that he may be (though probably isn't) dead at the end of GoW 3 is irrelevant, as is the fact he has killed all the gods, because this is set before all of that. The end of GoW3 showed there was a bit more to the character of Kratos besides pure rage, and I am interested to see more of that side of him, as long as he doesn't go soft on us.

That being said, a game with Kratos just stepping into different mythologies and killing ALL GODS EVER sounds pretty damn hilarious and awesome.

#99 Posted by AngelN7 (2974 posts) -

What's with the negative comments? guess what if you didn't like God of War before this is just more God Of War ...'no man I gotta make my comment about how "ugh and gross" this thing is'

#100 Posted by Andy_117 (169 posts) -

"A time before he was consumed by rage."

>trademark permanent scowl

...which leads to the logical conclusion that he isn't so much angry, as much as the wind changed and his face got stuck that way...?

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