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HD, nice!

What's better to test out my first HD tv on my newly re-bought PS3?  That is right, a port of my favorite Playstation 2 games, God of War, and God of War 2.  In all seriousness, it's pretty sweet that these classic get to be in 1080p, even if they don't always look the best in the format.
First off, a short review of the first God of War.  Surprise, surprise, God of War I is still a very, very good game.  Though it comes to a new console with the same problems it had before, they improved upon nothing, it's only been brought up to pretty HD.  Hmmm... the problem about that HD thing, the actual gameplay looks sweet, the fully rendered cut scenes look as good as always, but the in engine cut scenes are untouched, and look completely terrible, and right at the end one of these pop up and bum you out.  Oh well all complaints aside, God of War sounds good, looks good, and plays good.  God of War is just damn awesome.   
Now, God of War II.  Wow, what a wonderful, wonderful video game.  It's so good in just about any way you could imagine.  It's the Empire Strikes Back of video games in more ways than one.  It's a delight to play, and playing it just after God of War I makes it all the better to see just how much they improved upon the issues with the first.  How ever the issue caused with collection is the same, in engine cut scenes are right off the PS2 again, and they still look bad, not as terribly awful but still bad.  Overall God of War II is still my favorite PS2 gaming experiences, and one of my favorite overall. 
This is an awesome collection for people that never played these two classics.  If you have and want to see them in HD, just do it, there not broken and still awesome.  Now on to God of War III.


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