snake6phw's God of War II (PlayStation 2) review

God of War 2 is the best possible send-off imaginable for the PS2

God of War 2, simply put, is the perfect way to send off the PS2 before we begin the next-generation of gaming. It provides an excellent story coupled with easy-to-learn and fun-to-use controls all put together in a stunning cinematic experience that truly show-cases how perfect action-adventure games are made.

The Story in God of War 2 immediately picks-up where the last one left off. If you don't know where the last one left off than I suggest you go find out because like the sequel, the original God of War is a must-own for PlayStation 2 gamers. The player finds Kratos using his godly powers to assist the Spartan army in conquering all of Greece. The other gods begin to fear that Kratos is becoming too ambitious and will soon pose a threat to Olympus itself. Not willing to stand-by any longer, Zeus takes it upon himself to relieve Kratos of his godly powers and his life. The story picks up from here, with Kratos on a quest for revenge. A quest that will ultimately shake the very foundation of Olympus itself.

The gameplay in God of War 2 can be described as "just button-mashing" and sure, you could very well get through the entire game just mashing buttons. However, the game does have a wide array of different combos that if used correctly and efficiently pretty much make Kratos unstoppable. The combat over-all is pretty satisfying to use. Most creatures and all bosses have certain finishing sequences where the player must press buttons as they appear on screen in order to finish off the enemy. These sequences showcase the series' trademark brutality, and most finish off in a spectacular, gory mess.


Reviewer's Tilt
Having loved the first God of War, of course I had high expectations for the second. With it not only meeting but exceeding the expectations I had, I naturally loved the game. I must urge you; Do not miss out on this game.


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