Do You Use The "Cheat Roll"?

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So, in case you don't know, when you're evading you can press square at the exact right time and just keep evading, with no down time in between like you're suppose to have.  
I was fighting Zeus on Titan and thought about how I could do if I just evaded like the average player probably would and damn, I started getting my ass kicked. 
Anyone else use it? 

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#3 Posted by TheWan (88 posts) -

On Titan and Chaos mode, I would never try that. Maybe you could use it on Spartan or God mode. In terms of that rolling square move I would never do that unless you are trying to move down a hallway faster.
#4 Posted by Wes899 (2161 posts) -

You've now given me a reason to play again on Titan. Thank you.

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