GOW 3 midnight openings?

#1 Posted by MoeQawama (55 posts) -

Does anyone know if there are gonna be any midnight openings for the game's release? I'm surprised nothing has been mentioned yet...

#2 Posted by Absinthetic (180 posts) -

the gamestop at metrotown here in vancouver is having a midnight launch

#3 Posted by Gabriel (4129 posts) -

I'm sure a lot of Gamestops are having Midnight openings

#4 Posted by GOW3 (2 posts) -

In Ottawa, Canada only the Future Shop on Merivale Rd. is doing a midnight release. No Best Buys, but I heard one EB Games is, but they take a brutally long time getting through their lineups on midnight releases....    

#5 Posted by fugie7 (1131 posts) -
there's two gamestops in Ill in the suburbs of downers grove that are having a midnight opening. I hope its going to be good like the last one.

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