I Figured out what was wrong with GOW III (Blog Post & Spoilers)

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  After I finished GOW III I knew it was lacking something, the story didn't resonate with me like the other two. I just couldn't put my finger on what, now that I've had some time to think I have a few points to make on how this is probably the weakest one in the franchise.    
1. The Concept 
The first GOW had the best story for a hack and slash game, it was an epic tale of revenge and betrayal among the background of a Dark Greek Mythology, David Jaffe set Kratos off as a brutal character but he had depth which was discovered as the story progressed. GOW II story was not as good as the first, but it was still serviceable and enjoyable though a bit convoluted. By GOW III however the story had regressed into a straight up single minded revenge quest which really has no depth or substance. The funny thing is this could have worked fine but Sony Santa Monica fucked up one big detail that has made the GOW series great which brings me to my next point... 
2.The Narrator or Lack Thereof 
By far the coolest thing about GOW story was the narrator Linda Hunt, she has the most unique and refreshingly different voice in gaming her narration of GOW gave Kratos as a character far more depth and something to draw the audience in, while I liked what happened with the revelation of her being Gaia in GOW II, it made the story suffer by lacking a narrator to describe Kratos motivations and character.  
Well Sony Santa Monica Fucked that one up big time, the voice actress isn't even in GOW III. 
And you can tell, Gaia is now voiced by Susanne Blakeslee (who sounds mysteriously like the oracle from Athens From the original GOW)
  while Linda Hunt does show up as the Narrator in the opening segment (which is one of the coolest parts of the game) she does not return at all. Speaking of Gaia I also thought they handled her very poorly she is in the game for the opening, Kratos betrays her for some reason (I think he is a schizophrenic) cuts off her hand then kills her at the end. The buildup with the character over the course of the games seems squandered and wasted. 
3. Daedalus is a poor man's Architect of the temple from GOW I 

This one is pretty self explanatory I felt Daedalus was a copy/paste from the architect from the original GOW, if they were insistent on doing the whole labyrinth thing at least they could have somehow reused the architect to make it feel a little cooler. 
4. The Ending is a big Copout 
Besides the fact I felt it was weak to bring back Athena, the whole ending feels unsatisfying. Sure Kratos kills himself so he can Cock-Block Athena from getting her powers back but ''he disappears.'' This felt like it has even less closure than the end of MGS4, sure Snake lives but he has like 3 months to live, they left it too open ended. I wanted closure to have the ending be cool and not another cliff hanger, if they were going to do that they should not have labeled this a trilogy (Yes I know about the DLC that supposedlly coming, I still would have liked them to close out the series in a meaningful way thought.
Closing thoughts  
Regardless of what I said the gameplay is the best the series has had to date, the weapons are great, and it is arguably the best looking game on consoles  (Kratos's modeling looks insane.) However I really liked the stories of GOW I and II, and I was hoping for something a little more to close out the series.  I bought a PS3 for this and MGS4, I was expecting this to be my favorite game for the system but it has become my third favorite (lagging behind Uncharted 2 and MGS4).

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I've got to admit game looks amazing, but Kratos is just a prick!.. to put it mildly.

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Agreed with the actresses. Athena's new VO was terrible. 

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I've always wondered what bothered me, above all else, about Kratos.  And I figured it out the other day: if Kratos is a big angry motherfucker as they put him out to be, WHY DO THEY GIVE HIM A WEAPON WHICH LOOKS LIKE SOMETHING OUT OF THE  RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS OF THE OLYMPIC GAMES? Seriously, in one scene he's being an OTT badass in the dialogue; the next he's twirling about, pirouetting with his dainty little chain blades. Does anyone else see what's wrong with this picture?
He's a friggin' god of war (or was). Give him a gigantic hammer or something that shoots hammers - not a couple of ribbons.

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I play action games for the story.

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The thing that fucked the game up for me was when they put the rhythm bit with the corresponding buttons playing GOW's theme. 

No, just no.
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@dudeglove:  I disagree, when you think about it whirling around two swords on massive chains is actually pretty badass. Also the Cestus has your brute force option covered. What this game could have done with though is a big hammer and spear instead of another two chain weapons which I never used.
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I somewhat agree with you, throughout my experience with the game I couldn't help but feel it was lacking something. I too believe it had something to do with the story, which is a disappointment since I really dug the whole God of War mythology. Amazing production values however and the opening credits/introduction was awesome:)   

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