Warning: Challenge of Exile Arena & Dominus Skin might be on disc

#1 Posted by TepidShark (1312 posts) -

I went to download the Challenge of Exile Arena & Dominus Skin from the Ultimate Edition and it was 100 KB so that means it might be an unlock key for the DLC which is already on disc.

#2 Posted by KaosAngel (14251 posts) -

...fucking bullshit man.  Sick and tired of being screwed over like console gamers, PC games NEVER did this.  How much you wanna bet they'll charge for it next week?

#3 Posted by giancarlo123x (76 posts) -

Out of all the companies that would do this im ashamed at Santa Monica right now.

#4 Posted by Ecinsiefil (87 posts) -

I get the feeling this wasn't Santa Monica's decision. Considering their great track record, and Sony's probable desire to milk every last drop out of what could be the most popular PS3 game ever released, it's not hard to believe that Sony execs had some hand in this.

#5 Posted by Blitzer (424 posts) -

What the fuck is the challenge of exile?

#6 Posted by LiquidPrince (16533 posts) -

So... It's not like the full game is lacking enough content... Bonus incentives... need to be incentives...

#7 Posted by User_Hostile (80 posts) -

OK so what you're saying is that content for the Ultimate Edition happened to only require a 100KB download for you?  What the hell does that have to do with any DLC?

#8 Posted by KaosAngel (14251 posts) -
@Blitzer: Maybe it's the rumored multi-player thing?
#9 Posted by Fallen189 (5347 posts) -

How is this a warning buddy? It's not like it's a "Hey watch out, if you're fast you can catch it while it's napping"
DLC happens man, just gotta deal with it I'm afraid.

#10 Posted by TheBeastinBeast (54 posts) -
Small files for downloads like that don't exist and it is more of a key to unlocking stuff on the disk a la Resident Evil 5 Versus.
#11 Posted by User_Hostile (80 posts) -
@TheBeastinBeast said:
" @User_Hostile:  Small files for downloads like that don't exist and it is more of a key to unlocking stuff on the disk a la Resident Evil 5 Versus. "
I'm aware of that but it still doesn't have anything to do with DLC, it would make sense for Santa Monica to put the Ultimate Edition items on every disc and then require a code to unlock it, as it would save them costs of producing two different disks.  This is content for the Ultimate Edition, it in NO WAY has anything to do with DLC.  I hate companies that use greedy tactics with their DLC but this is just fear-mongering.
#12 Posted by kumis (81 posts) -

Also this saves Sony money as it doesn't require as much bandwith to give all the content to all of the UE and CE owners. This isn't like Resident Evil because Sony made it clear from the get go that there will be special stuff for people at launch, it isn't like Capcom keeping it a secret and launching it later to make it seem like they were working on it after the game released.  Plus you really aren't losing anything if you want to buy it later, it's just something the UE/CE owners paid for, why should you get it for free?

#13 Posted by ChristosPouzoukis (2 posts) -

how i can  download in god of war 3 challenge of exile  ?i have ultimate edition.    

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