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I have Chain's of Olympus on PSP, and that game is OK, but I've never played Ghost of Sparta. I really do enjoy the God of War series, but the only one I can't get into is the third for a few reasons, regardless, I like the rest enough to give this collection a chance. My question is how was it for those that had played this?

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Ghost of Sparta is pretty good for a GoW game coming from someone that didn't care much for three. It's definitely a bit hokier with the way you progress through the game, like at one point you walk through Sparta only to reach a flash back, and once you come to, the guards direct you to go down a sewer that leads to the prison area because... yeah. Logical progression isn't the game's strong suit. But I thought the combat scenarios were done well and paced well enough that they never really got tiring like most of the other games in the series, and it's cool seeing that bonus video from GoW1 turned into a game, even if the payoff doesn't come close to the build up.

Don't know about the Dolby pro Logic, probably just some glitch as I remember getting 5.1 surround with GoWII back on the PS2 via optical cable.

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Do you have a 3DTV? Ghost of Sparta is pretty insane in 3D. The 3D (the combination of an awesome framerate and the in-your-face action) is novel enough to warrant a play through. To a lesser extent, Chains of Olympus does the same thing.

Not that it matters though because the gameplay is very solid anyway. The action and presentation of Ghost of Sparta is more in line with God of War 3 though (I hear GoW3 isn't your cup of tea for some reason).

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@ZOnikJJ: Yes, I do have a 3D-TV, but I probably won't use it for it. I'm sure I wouldn't dislike Ghost of Sparta because of the same reasons I disliked three.

@Vonocourt: No, it wasn't a glitch. It says right on the back of the case that it only supports DPLII, which I never caught before. Dolby Digital isn't supported.

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I'd say Ghost of Sparta is much better than three, though it lacks the scale and that's its primary problem. But I had more fun with it and it's quite an alright story, too.

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