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God of war

God of war is a fantasy action adventure game, its not just one of the best in its genre but one of the best on the ps2, not only does it look great but has a superb story, characters and battle system.

you take the role of Kratos, a spartan warrior from greece, the game is explained by a narrator explaining kratos's story, the cut-scenes are great and each explain abit about what is to come for the spartan or about his past.

Kratos wields two blades attached by metal chains to either arm similar to a weapon in prince of persia warrior within, the battle system as a whole reminded me of warrior within. You will be forced into many battles and some of them quite time consuming, even the lenghty battles are still highly enjoyable and in no way repetitive. Kraots has a good selection of moves at his disposal and each one needs to be used in different situations. most of the battles can be ended with a button combination prompted on screen, for example the combination circle, triangle, square will appear on screen, preforming it correctly will result in a special move from kratos, different combinations are required like rotating the analog stick, it is all similar to the cut-scenes in lara croft : tomb raider legend.

the voice acting, music and sound effects are all very good, Terrence C. Carson does a fantastic job on the voice acting for kratos and definitely fits the part. sound effects are also good and dont seem out of place.

Greek mythology is used very well in the game and battle against recognisable foes such as the minotaur, sirens and the medusa are all great, all of the greek gods are used in the game including zeus, hades, Poseidon and of course the god of war, ares. Titans, oracles and pandoras box are all tied into the game aswell.

the game isnt very long and could be argued as one of its few downfalls. It will take about 10 hours to finish the game. Upon completion you will unlock a few extras including god mode ( hardest mode ), 10 optional challenges, videos on the making of the game and how it became the finished product from one initial idea.

In conclusion God of war is a well polished games that you will not regret buying, if you have a ps2, get God of War.

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