kratos's God of War (PlayStation 2) review

One Fantastic Game

God of War, where to start with what is one of the top 5 games that ever hit the Playstation 2.  One word comes to mind and that is amazing.  From the combat to the scale and visual style of all the locations and cut scenes.  If you own a Playstation 2 and don't have this game, then you are doing yourself a HUGE disservice.

STORY 4/5 stars

The story in God of War is as wonderful as the gameplay the cut scenes are fantastic, long enough to be amazing but short enough to get in the way of the flawless combat.  Now the one downfall that God of War one has is that the line of who is right and who is wrong is a little too obvious and maybe having a little more space in this asspect could of token it to the next step.

There can't be enough said about the gameplay in God of War, it's amazing.  That's all there is to say it's as flawless as can be.  No framerate drops and no borning areas.  The puzzles are hard enough to make you think but easy enough to flow well.

Wow the graphics of God of War are nothing short of amazing for a Playstation 2 title.  The scale of all the areas are jaw dropping and again this is on the Playstation 2, too do what it did in the graphics deparment is still just beyond me.

The sound of God of War is on par or better than everything else that is just so great in this title.  It's epic and on par or even better than any summer blockbuster with a fanstic sound track.  Every song here gets the blood pumping and makes you even more imersed in the experience.

Posted by Centurion11

An interesting thought about the story. I suppose it could have a deeper sort of story.

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