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Gods and Generals is a first person shooter based on the film adaptation of the 1996 Jeff Shaara novel of the same name. The game follows the story of soldiers in the American Civil War, highlighting the early days of the conflict. The game was built on the Lithtec graphics engine, an engine created and used to better effect by Monolith Productions.

Critical Reception

Developed by Anivision, Gods and Generals was released in 2003 to extremely bad reviews. Particularly maligned were the game's numerous and severe technical issues, including poor framerate, lack

Taking cover made easier by hopping inside a tree.

of a proper physics engine, and broken AI. The combination of the poor AI and physics would often lead to enemies trying run through walls while trying to reach the player, and sometimes succeeding. Other times, enemies would not activate properly, leading them to stand motionless while the player shot them to death.

Gods and Generals was made at the request of the movie producers for the sole purpose of generating interest in the film counterpart. As such it is widely considered to be one of the prime examples of a movie-licensed game done wrong.

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