slayerofheroes's Godzilla: King of the Monsters (Nintendo Entertainment System) review

Godzilla: Monster of Monsters review

This game is very good if you're still into playing retro games. But back in it's days this game was very unique. Basically the game is like a giant chess board with monsters for chess pieces. You have two options in approaching the games various bosses. Either one you can fibght your way through the level which are shaped like hexagons from the outside but are full playable side-scrolling levels and eventually meeting up and fighting the bosses. Or two you can simply click on one of your mosters over and over again and the bosses will find their way too you. This game back in it's days was graphically impressive, especailly with the attention to details they gave to the monsters. The gameplay was pretty good to and very straight and simple button moves. Althoguh at times the difficulty can get pretty frustrating with some bosses taking up the entire screen and barely making you getting in some hits, cuz some of them are so huge that they kill you in the first battle with just their sheer size.

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